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"Man is the measure of all things" ~Protagoras~

So I am currently in the middle of reading book IV I know what you're thinking, Man you really skip around but that is exactly what I am thinking too. Its kind of hard to figure out what is going on when you do that but I think I can manage. I think the hardest part of reading this text is trying to figure out how to pronounce the names in it. And when you are thinking about what the names are it is kind of hard to keep your mind on what is actually going on in the story....But what I think I have retained so far is that.....

The Acheans and the Trojans are in the middle of a war. Well at least that is who I think is at war. Tons of people killing each other.Well kind of, because it will say someone died but then they killed someone too, so its just a huge confusing circle. One part that was pretty intensely interesting to me was when Menelaus caught Adrestus and Adrestus started begging for his life. He went on to say that his father would give him everything that he can, and he almost let him go but Agamemnon came rushing up and pretty much told him that he was being weak and killed the guy right there. It was pretty much a "YOU GOT OWNED" moment.

The next "story" in the book that stuck out to me was the story about a man named Bellerophon. A really good man who was also good looking that lived in Corinth of Argos. The king at the time was named Proetus, and his wife lusted for Bellerophon, so the king sent Bellerophon on a mission that would "Surely get him killed". His mission was to bring a note to Antea (Proetus' Wife)'s father a note with murderous signs on it. This way he would get killed and the king wouldn't acutally have to do it himself. So he sent Bellerophon on his way when he got there he dined with Xanthus (the father) for 9 days, and killed 9 ox. On the tenth day the king asked why he was there so he gave him the note. Xanthus was angry so he set up all these things that Bellerophon was supposed to do. Like kill this weird  lion snake goat thing, and he did. Then he had to some tribesmen and won, and some Amazons and won. Since he won all these things the king knew he was powerful and offered him his daughter as a wife. He took her and she had 3 kids. But one day all the gods hated him so he was cast out to wander alone.

The Trojans were almost giving up hope....
Hector returned and told his mother with other noble to pray to the gods and offer them heifers if they will have pitty on Troy.


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