Humanities Is So Much Better Than Math

"Man is the measure of all things" ~Protagoras~

There was a lot of interesting things that we talked about in class and one I'm sure everyone will remember is when we were talking about metaphors.The example in the book was

"As a garden poppy, burst into red bloom, bends,
drooping its head to one side, weighed down
by its full seeds and a sudden spring shower,
so Gorgythion's head fell limp over one shoulder.
Weighed down by his helmet."

It is saying that in his death there is life just like with the garden poppy. When it dies it spreads its seed. Hid death was glorious and he sacrificed himself for the better.

The example that the teacher gave for metaphor's started off by a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet that said was said by Romeo "Julia is my sun"Obviously that means that Julia is the center of his universe, and yadda yadda yadda.
There is also another quote that is "The sun is a huge anus" and the earth is sun shit. It was so funny. The main this was that everything is pretty  much an excretion of something else. More examples included.

  • Honey=Bee vomit
  • Oxygen=Tree shit
  • Carbon Dioxide=People shit (you shit it out of your mouth) 
and so on, it was pretty funny and I couldn't help from laughing. 


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