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"Man is the measure of all things" ~Protagoras~

I know I am getting somewhat of a head start on this whole blogging thing, considering I am posting two blogs in one night when I don't actually have to have anything posted yet. But that is completely okay.

I just got done reading the first book of The Iliad, and so far I find it quite interesting. Besides the fact that the names of people and places are hard to pronounce I think I like it so far.

It starts of by asking a question....Why is the god Apollo killing so many people? Well apparently a priest had traveled to ask Agamemnon to free his daughter  and in return they would get safe passage home. But Agamemnon refused and sent him away pretty much telling the priest that his daughter was going to die getting old, laying in HIS bed. So the priest went home and prayed to the god Apollo to help him by spreading "Vengence" on the people that were keeping his daughter. After about ten days of this Achilles had called for a meeting of his Achaean fighters and the people and talked about why Apollo raged on. Someone named Calchas (who I can't for the life of me figure out if he is a god or a mortal) stood up and told Achilles that if he told him the reason only if Achilles will protect him and fight for him because he was going to make someone really mad. Achilles agreed and the (thing) explained the reason Apollo was laying his Arrows down was because Agamemnon refused to release a priests daughter, and refused ransom, and that he would not stop until they gave the girl back.

After he told his story Agamemnon got all offended and started bitching about the woman that he refused to give back. He said that she was much better than his wife, even though they were both pretty much the same in health. But if he must give her back then he will because he did not like seeing his people in harms way he did not like it though and was almost against it. Then Achilles stood up and told him that he shouldn't expect anything, and that he needs to give back the girl. That they plundered towns and that it would be a disgrace to ask for anything in return.
Anyways they bantered on back and forth and eventually Achilles got really pissy and pulled his sword on Agamemnon and Athena (the goddess) was sent by the goddess Hera (Zeus' Wife) to tell them both to stop, that she hated seeing them fight because she loved  both men equally and that they needed to stop this madness. So they agreed and the goddess when back up into the heavens. As soon as she left Achilles decided that he was going to leave and urged Agamemnon to give back the girl. As he was leaving Agamemnon stood up and declared that he would give back the girl but would soon be at Achilles camp to take his prize (girl).
Just like he promised he gave back the girl and the priest prayed to Apollo to stop what he had started, and it came to be. As soon as the girl was given back he sent two men that liked Achilles, to fetch the girl that he promised he would take. They showed up to the camp and said nothing, looking sad and sorry, Achilles knew what they were there for so he let them take her.
After they left with the girl Achilles started whining to his mom, a goddess of the sea to ask Zeus to fight for him cause it wasn't fair that the man stole his girlfriend. His mom comforted him and told him that she would talk to the gods as soon as they were back from playing golf. (Ha ha, I don't really remember what they were doing but that sounded like a good idea) and that they would be back in like twelve days or something.
Like she said she would, she talked to Zeus and said that he should help her son because he was doomed to a short life anyways and that it wasn't fair that he had to live in agony of missing a woman too. So he shook his head and it was done.
When Zeus stepped out of his room? Ugh I don't know what it was....but all the Gods were sitting around and Hera, his wife got mad at him for granting the goddess of the sea her wishes. He pretty much told her to be quite and left. After he left the god of all crafts (I can't remember his name, I'm kind of bad with them) told her that she shouldn't tempt him because one time he tempted Zeus and was thrown down the mountain for a long time and finally landed on a town only to be nursed back to life by mortals. She listened, and at the end of the night she layed next to Zeus in bed and they fell asleep.


I personally think this story is pretty interesting so far. I really enjoyed reading it, and I think my roommate fell asleep a little quicker from me reading aloud :p I kind of think Achilles is a whinny brat that gets anything that he wants...At least thats what it seems like so far, we'll see how the next book goes.

As I said before, wish me luck on the reading...


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